Phases of the moon and travel


Lunar Rifts are located in Solace Bridge, Highvale, Blood River, and Isle of Storms (the starting area for new characters). Depending on the current moon phase (shown under the compass at the top of the screen), one of these will be the active destination. When entering any of them during that phase, you will be taken to the active destination. If you're already at the active destination and you enter the Lunar Rift you will be taken to Isle of Storms and can enter there and be taken back to the active destination.

The Lunar Rifts are only active during certain moon phases. The moon phase changes every 8m45s Earth time, for a total of 70 minutes. The list of phases, in the order they occur, along with the active destination (for phases where the Lunar Rifts are active) is below.

  • New

    +00:00Blood River

  • Waxing

    +08:45Solace Bridge

  • First


  • Waxing


  • Full

    +35:00Owl's Head

  • Waning


  • Last

    +52:30Brittany Graveyard

  • Waxing


Fast-Travel scrolls

Fast-Travel Scrolls: Magical Recall and Teleport scrolls allow Avatars to cross vast distances instantly. New player-characters start with three of each type of scroll, but they are also created by alchemists.

Avatars may bind themselves to a lot or town by interacting with the lot sign or town crier. An Avatar can use a Recall scroll to return to the last location they bound themselves to. Teleport scrolls move an Avatar to the entrance of the scene of another Avatar in their party, friends list, or guild roster.


The continent of Novia is accessible for exploration, adventuring, and settlement.

Boats in the overworld outside Kingsport and Brittany allow travel between the Hidden Vale and Novia without requiring entering a city.

The Owl’s Head lunar rift is activated and offers a stable, two-way rift to Solace Bridge.

The Player-Owned Town of Port Phoenix can be reached by boat from the south-west region of the Novia overworld.


In the ancient past, New Britannia had two moons. However, 500 years ago during the Cataclysm, the two orbiting bodies collided, leaving behind the shattered remnant that is now known as Daedalus.

The sky above New Britannia is filled with celestial mechanics, including 10 orbital bodies and a constellation-filled star field. As the night sky ebbs and flows, astronomical alignment events, phases, and eclipses come to pass, each impacting the magic and the mundane of New Britannia.


The overworld is used to travel between towns and areas of adventure. It’s a large interactive map of the world laid out using an invisible hexagonal grid. Shroud of the Avatar has two overworld maps: Novia and Hidden Vale.

There are many places in the overworld that connect to other areas. Often, when you are close enough, the name of such an area will appear over an “Enter” button and an information icon (which appears as an “i”).

Traveling across the Overworld exposes you to ambush from dangerous creatures. If you encounter roving enemies, you will be pulled into a small scene where you must slay your attackers or escape. On leaving the encounter scene, you will find yourself back on the overworld and can resume your travels. Roads are generally faster and safer to travel on, while deep wilderness areas will slow travel and contain more danger.


Warriors seeking to test their mettle will find a portal to a highly challenging dungeon in the Braemar graveyard. Bring plenty of supplies and friends.

Underground tunnels have been discovered linking together many caves, sewers, and dungeons. Some of these may be blocked by gates requiring keys to access, which can usually be found on a specific, unique enemy nearby.

The Verdantis Shardfall can be reached by boat from the northwest Novia coast.

Some boats, wagons, and balloons can teleport you to another location. If the canvas is a special color, it may teleport you to a location that has special significance or offer a choice of locations.