Viking Seeker Starter Package

Shroud of the Avatar is a fantasy RPG that combines single player narrative with a sandbox MMO, created by a team that includes: Richard “Lord British” Garriott, the creator of the Ultima series, Starr Long, the Director of Ultima Online, and Tracy Hickman, the author of Dragonlance.

Package content
  • Shroud of the Avatar download
  • 60 Bank slots
  • 10 Crowns
  • 1 Obsidian Potion
  • 1 Viking Helm

Digital download Shroud of the Avatar

Digital download of Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues, Episode 1. Includes early access so you can start playing now.

Additional game content

60 Bank slots

Use these extra bank slots to hold even more gear! (NOTE: If this is your first game access, you will also receive the default 30 Bank Slots for a total count of 60 Bank Slots upon entering the game.)

10 Crowns

Crowns of the Obsidians (COTOs) are rare items that can drop from almost any activity, with higher occurrences on higher level creatures and resource nodes. They come in several different metal types. Gold Crowns can be used to pay for various things including paying taxes (versus in-game gold), buying rare Obsidian Potions that boost things like carry capacity or gathering speed, and they can even be used to repair maximum durability on items.

1 Obsidian Potion

Pick any of the 7 Obsidian Potions

Viking helm

This striking Viking helm will make you quite the imposing figure to all who cross your path. This helm is classified as Plate Heavy Armor. Like other Add On Store Gear this item has low level starting level stats, is non-lootable in PVP, and does not suffer any reduction in Maximum Durability.



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