Single Player Offline

Playing offline requires no internet connection. You will not encounter other players or any elements connected to them, such as player vendors, auctions, guilds, player-owned towns or PVP. However, you can explore, fight, craft and experience the story just the same as when you were playing online. Similarly, your progress is still saved continuously – you can exit the game and resume it seamlessly. Manual saving is also possible, allowing you to return your Avatar, world and progress to previously saved states. Furthermore, in Offline Mode you are able to recruit NPC companions. These NPCs exist and can be conversed with in Online Mode, but only offline do they accompany you on your travels and aid you in combat. Additionally, items that are only available for real world currency in the Add-On store, such as Plus pledges, bundles, etc., are available offline without spending any money. You can trade your in-game gold for those items with NPC merchants. However, the option to buy these items for real world currency is still available.