Pillars of the Path

Meaningful choices

As the Dire Prophecies come to pass, New Britannia finds itself flooded with Avatars like yourself. Your path is before you, and the choices you will face are yours alone.
Will you explore this new land as an adventurer, a crafter, or a warrior? Will you bend the magic of the land to your will or master the many weapons at your disposal?
Adventure in an interactive world where your choices have consequences, ethical paradoxes give you pause, and YOU play a vital part in weaving your own story into the immersive world and lore of Shroud of the Avatar.


Shroud of the Avatar builds a real world by giving you a far larger role in the land of New Britannia than other games. Multiple MMO gameplay features combine to comprise a unique, shared online experience set within a persistent world. You can opt to play solo or with friends to explore and inhabit New Britannia.


You can live and shop in one of the many Player Towns, battle other Avatars for control of the Shardfalls -- and all of the power and riches they possess. Forge new alliances with other, like-minded Avatars in one of the many diverse and active guilds that call New Britannia home. Homes, shops, and entire towns can be owned and customized by players giving each location a truly “human” touch.

Fateful History

  • 400 years ago: a cataclysm wiped the land of New Britannia. Two moons collided and shards fell onto the planet infusing the land with magic. Darkness followed.
  • 200 years ago: the world started recovering and a group called the Obsidians rediscovered the use of Magic and formed a powerful order. They waged war intent on ruling the realm, but were eventually defeated.
  • Now: was made whole is fragile at best, and recent events threaten to tear it all apart. Avatars are once called upon to follow on the path of Virtue and restore the balance.



Steeped in a traditional medieval fantasy feel, Shroud of the Avatar adds a modern twist to the genre with Clockwork and Steampunk elements found throughout the land. These technological marvels, created by the clever and industrious Kobolds, include everything from protective Moon Towers to Aether Vibration Amplifiers.
New Britannia is a world of magic, and Avatars are able to tap into that magic and master its use. There are nine schools of magic, eight of which are considered elemental in nature. The elemental schools of magic are; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Sun, Moon, Life, and Death; each of which has an opposing school of magic as seen on the magic sigils found throughout New Britannia.
In Shroud of the Avatar, the economy is in the hands of the players. Avatars who aspire to wealth and fortune will be able to gather raw materials in the world, refine and assemble them into all manner of useful items and equipment, and sell them to other players.