Shroud of the Avatar

Are you worthy to journey on the path of the Avatar? Will you face fear with courage, seek hidden truths and fight hatred with love?

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Lord British Returns!

Discover a rich fantasy role-playing universe crafted by the maker of Ultima series, Richard Garriott. Explore and inhabit a persistent living world in which magic and technology coexist. Uncover and learn the intricate history and lore of a legendary realm, New Britannia.

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It is whispered that the Avatars once taught the Virtues to all that would listen and that only the Avatars can return that knowledge to the land. With the help of the enigmatic and mysterious Oracle, will you be the one to do so?


The Oracle

A mysterious machine, its minions watching all that takes place throughout the land, its voice promising answers yet responding with questions. Which path will YOU choose, to discover your long-prophesied destiny?


Path of Love

A kingdom split in two, its rulers driven apart by mistrust and betrayal. And all the while, from the north, the dead march on the living, seeking to right an ancient wrong. Can YOU restore the Love that has been forsaken?


Path of Truth

One race seeks to find its path in a strange new world, while another is cruelly enslaved by bonds stronger than steel. And through it all, pilgrims journey south, looking for an answer. Can YOU discover the Truth long since forsaken?


Path of Courage

Valiant knights defend their people against monsters rising from below the earth. Yet the greatest threat may come from within, as courtiers of a decrepit king scheme. Do YOU have the Courage that a kingdom has forsaken?

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Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Digital download
60 Bank slots
10 Crowns
1 Obsidian Potion
1 Viking Helm

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Begin your quest to ultimately become a force for good as a fabled Avatar in a world beset by dangers and darkness. Choose to follow the path of Love, Truth or Courage, and uphold the everlasting principles of being an Avatar every step of the way.

Adventure solo or play co-op with your friends in a persistent world. Prove your mettle in PVP or play offline anytime. The choice is all yours.

Single Player Offline

Enjoy the full game experience without the need for an internet connection. Recruit NPC companions to accompany you on your travels and aid you in times of need.

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Single Player Online

Play the game at your own pace while still being able to interact with the persistent works of other players, such as vendors, houses and player-owned towns.

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Party Mode Online

Explore New Britannia with your friends and tell new stories together. Persistent works of other players, such as vendors, houses and player-owned towns can still be interacted with.

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Multiplayer Online

Experience the vibrant world of Shroud of the Avatar and trade, fight and converse with thousands of other players, all playing on the same server.

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